Adding fun to dried fruit & nuts

Who ever said it has to taste bad to be good for you?
Bellair carob coated and yoghurt coated dried fruit and nuts are as good for your sweet tooth as it is for your health. It's an alternative treat enjoyed by young and old.

Choose from a selection of yoghurt or carob coated almonds, apples rings, apri-date, banana, dates, mangos, dates, sunflower seeds and much more.

Where it all began

It all started at the Kloof Padstal in 1994, owners Willem and Christine Cilliers recognized the need for something a little more than just dried apricots and peaches.

At this time, the dried fruit factory was faced with a problem that it was left with a lot of unusable dried fruit pieces which could not be packaged and sold.

Not wanting these "unusable" pieces to go to waste, it was decided to package and sell these pieces separately, they were dubbed "Nibbles". Things took an unexpected turn when these "Nibbles" became a fantastic seller.

People have always had a need to satisfy their sweet tooth and with this in mind, Willem and Christine attempted, on a small scale, to cover these Nibbles with yoghurt and carob. Since then, things have gone from strength to strength and in 2008, Sandra Joubert and family purchased the factory and it has grown to the product range you can enjoy today.


  • An exciting variety of yoghurt coated treats, ranging from our popular mango curls to our apple rings.

  • Carob coated, the healthier choice to chocolate.